Sunday, January 27, 2013

Season 3 Ep. 3--Danger

Track Listing for Season 3 Episode 3:

The Scotch Talk Gang Learns Creepy Vocabulary
Opening Theme Intro
Viva Las Laser
Carnival Atmosphere Part 1
Bully For You
You Can Lead a Horse
Carnival Atmosphere Part 2
Code Orange Bully Alert
Carnival Atmosphere Part 3

Music: "Danger Dance"--Area 47

Friday, January 11, 2013

Season 3 Ep.2--Questionable Decisions

Track Listing for Season 3 Episode 1:

Letting It All Hang Out
Opening Theme/Intro
It's Worth a Shot
A Knight for a Caper
All Terrain Stupidity
Trout In Doubt
White Dirt and Gatorade
Jerry's First Gig
A Little Squirt

Music: "General Electric"--Jerry Chapman

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